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2021 Logo
Logo Reveal for the latest update will premier on the Hyper Dimension Youtube Channel watch for the date in the discord

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Competition Update: Hyper Dimension & PS4 Comp Scene

Hyper Dimension takes a blast to the past as they lean towards a setup of a comp team for the ps4 scene in the open qualifiers.

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PFX Studios Branches Out

PFX Studios is a graphic design company that will make affordable graphics for a reasonable price. at the beginning of the year PFX Studios opened up to just New York. They have now expanded to the NA region. This is were they plan on making their first stand.


Home Fundraiser: Hope+Opportunity+Meaning=Everything

Home Fundraiser: With everything that we have went through in the past year when was the last time you were given something special, Hyper Dimension Esports wants to bring back the things we all miss and that's what the Home Fundraiser plans to do. the goal of the home fundraiser is to bring back the community's we ounce knew and loved. your donation can be as big as you want it to be you could. it could be a simple dollar but so you have a bigger grasp on what we are trying to achieve lets put some perspective on this. Hyper Dimension will take what ever money we raise to help families in need. we have been cooped up in are houses for a year with almost no contact with another human, watch what the power of just a dollar can do by the click of a button.


Studio 3: PFX Original 

Studio 3 is a part of PFX Studios this is the heart of PFX Studios were everything happens. the other parts of PFX Studios is very simply the spot for were your dreams come to life, Fundraisers and all of the streamers the community side has come from PFX Studios we are happy to announce the final partner ship between Studio 3, And PFX Studios NA Division.


Event Schedule

Coming Soon 

We are still in the off season for most of are teams schedules will be posted soon.


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While we are in the process of rebuilding are site check out the discord and join the community. sections to find more players that enjoy what you do.

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