Team Approved Gear

Certified RH Gear

When we say its RH approved you can be sure of one thing "your getting the best". Are sponsors that we have supporting the team, are companies that have put time, effort, and many hours or even years into what they do. So if we can sit here and with confidence say "your missing out if you don't have the gear". Find the nearest link to grab yourself some RH approved gear.

RH makes it a standard that all players use gear the team allows. this is why are sponsors are so important to us, if are players don't have the proper gear, we're more then willing to get players the gear required. all are players should be playing at their best and that's what these sponsors strive for, keeping RH at its best.


Regal Hawk Esports Sponsors

Ongoing Support

Rouge Energy

Official Drink Of Regal Hawks Esports

This drink has helped many of the players be able to stay up, and game for hours. Don't believe me try it yourself

STMP Grips

Approved grip For Regal Hawks

Thank you to STMP Grips for a sponsor of a life time. with grips that can make your game performance, look like your a god when maybe your not. with out the backing of STMP Grips are team wouldn't be able to see this increase in amazing gameplay.


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