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Content Creator 

We All Have A Place

As a content creator it may not be the most glamorous job to have on a Esports team but even as a content creator you have a place and a purpose, it doesn't matter what game you play we aren't here just to be a Esports team we pride are selves in giving the best performance possible every time are players touch a keyboard or controller, but we also like to think that we have some of the best content creators (Youtube, Twitch, Stadia, etc) can offer.

I'm Not A Seasoned Content Creator : Seasoned or not Hyper Dimension Has Trained its players and will do the same with are content creators. Is content creation hard it can be probably one of the hardest things to tackle for many reasons, we are going to give you a few scenes to envision in your head  think of how you would react.

  • You Got A Harsh Comment 

  • Your Video Has Received Dislikes

  • You Don't Like Talking To People  

  • You Don't Like Your Face Cam Cause You Don't Look Good 

These may seem like tiny issues but even a tiny issue can be a big issue. Take your streaming to the next level and become a content creator.

I Dont Want To Be A Content Creator For Hyper But Want To Get Better: Even if you dont become a content creator for Hyper Dimension will the organization still help me out ? that is a good question, and the answer is simple yes the organization will still help you get better. HDSU is a program setup special for those who are content creators for the organization itself but you are more then willing to join(please keep in mind this is built for are content creators so for people who are doing this program, to learn more but not stay with Hyper Dimension their may be a entry fee).